ONTIME Vehicle Service

ONTIME one-stop super
service platform

ONTIME one-stop super
service platform

ONTIME aims to build a “travel-car service” ecological closed loop based on GAC Group’s intelligent networked automobile industry, integrating high-quality industrial resources, and focusing on cultivating four major ecological systems: vehicle ecology, driver ecology, energy ecology, and user ecology. ONTIME explores the post-automation maintenance of unmanned vehicles around the automatic driving operation scenario, improves the ONTIME automatic driving operation technology system, and makes automatic driving a commercially sustainable service scenario that can be implemented, operated and sustained.

  • Full-process service for manned vehicles

    Buying, renting, repairing, obtaining licenses and registering online makes ride-hailing more worry-free
  • Automated maintenance of unmanned vehicles

    Charging, cleaning, maintenance and upkeep; system detection, software upgrades and data uploads

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ONTIME Car Service (Headquarters), Sanxiang Creative Park, No. 2842 Xin’gang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

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